Split/Second Velocity
Split/Second Velocity
Split/Second Velocity
Split/Second Velocity
Split/Second Velocity
Split/Second Velocity
Split/Second Velocity
Split/Second Velocity

pc - Split/Second Velocity

Split/Second is an intense action racing game set within a reality television show. Competitors will vie to be the first to the finish line in a made-for-TV city set rigged to blow with the ultimate goal of becoming the season champion. Players in Split/Second don’t just collide with other vehicles to knock them from the track, but can also trigger devastating events that drastically alter the dynamics of the race. Players must use pinpoint timing to obliterate huge structures and towering TV set pieces to tactically alter the track or create entirely new routes.

Digital edition
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Graphic: Nvidia GeForce 7600 256 MB
Graphic: ATI Radeon X1600 256 MB
OS: Windows 7
OS: Windows XP SP2
OS: Windows XP SP3
CPU: Intel Pentium D 3GHz
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 2GHz

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.4GHz
Graphic: Nvidia GeForce 8800GT 512 MB
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 3GHz
Graphic: ATI Radeon HD3870 512 MB
Memory: 2.5GB
OS: Windows XP SP3
Memory: 2GB
OS: Windows 7
OS: Windows XP SP2
Storage: 6.5GB

​Parental Guidance
The content is mild in impact. The impact of PG (Parental Guidance) classified films and computer games should be no higher than mild, but they may contain content that children find confusing or upsetting and may require the guidance of parents and guardians. They may, for example, contain classifiable elements such as language and themes that are mild in impact. It is not recommended for viewing or playing by persons under 15 without guidance from parents or guardians.
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Any game that would normally be rated at 3 but contains some possibly frightening scenes or sounds may be considered suitable in this category.
PEGI Online Game
Online gameplay
Game can be played online.
PEGI Violence
Game contains depictions of violence.
USK 12
USK 12
Approved for children aged 12 and above in accordance with Art. 14 German Children and Young Persons Protection Act (JuSchG).

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