Getting started in Warzone 2.0: All major features and changes

With Warzone 2.0, Call of Duty’s hugely popular battle royale game is getting a complete overhaul. The new Warzone takes inspiration from its predecessor while also introducing tons of new features such as a new Warzone map, a new Gulag, a new Shop and a new Circle Collapse system. This is everything you need to know about Warzone 2.0 before you drop into your first game on Al Mazrah.

Published on: 15-11-2022

New features in Warzone 2.0

Warzone 2.0 builds on the core aspects that Warzone fans have come to love, while also introducing new features and gameplay changes. You can expect the following new features in Warzone 2.0.

New Warzone map “Al Mazrah”

First and foremost, Warzone 2.0 will take place on a brand new map named “Al Mazrah”, a massive metropolitan area located in the fictional United Republic of Adal. The map consists of 18 major points of interest and is the biggest Warzone map to date. Al Mazrah offers a diverse setting with coastal towns, depots, mountains, industrial areas, desert and a large city. On top of that, you can explore the map by land, air and water.

New Gulag

Three-part overview of new Gulag, displaying two Operators fighting together and The Jailer

If you’ve played the original Warzone, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the Gulag. The familiar Gulag battle in which you fight for redeployment returns in Warzone 2.0, but with a twist. 

The new Gulag is a 2v2 battle in which you’re paired up randomly with another player. All players receive a predefined loadout (at launch this is a Pistol or Shotgun with a Lethal and Tactical grenade) but you can find additional weapons and gear towards the center of the arena. On top of that, the gear that you loot in the Gulag will come with you if you end up winning. 

There are two ways to escape the Gulag: by eliminating the opposing team or by eliminating “The Jailer”. The Jailer will spawn in the middle of the Gulag match to speed up combat. Eliminating The Jailer returns all four players. This means you’ll have to decide between eliminating the other Duo or collectively waiting for The Jailer to spawn to take him out together.

Lastly, there’s no more Overtime in the Gulag. Instead, when neither a team nor The Jailer is eliminated after a short period of time, all fours Operators lose the Gulag match.

New Warzone Shop

Image of the new Buy Station, named "The Shop"

Another familiar Warzone feature that has been revamped in Warzone 2.0 is the shop system. Buy Stations have been replaced with “The Shop” that offers new ways to spend your hard-earned cash in Warzone. Each Shop contains a unique set of items, including Killstreaks and Armor Plates, that are only purchasable in limited quantities. The Shop also uses a brand new interface.

This is what you can buy in The Shop:

  • Squadmate Buy Back: buy a teammate back after they’ve been eliminated
  • Buy Gear: buy equipment (Gas Mask), Killstreaks, Armor and more
  • Limited Equipment: buy items that are limited in number and that will disappear from The Shop after your purchase
  • Buy Weapon: buy a custom weapon that you’ve created in the Gunsmith prior to the match. This option replaces the Loadout from the original Warzone (including your Primary, Secondary, Tactical, Lethal and Perks)

New Circle Collapse system

Any Warzone player is familiar with the circle that slowly closes in on the map. In Warzone 2.0, however, the circle can collapse in different variations. For example, the safe zone can split into multiple circles that slowly reconverge into one single safe zone as the match progresses. The exact pattern of the circle is randomized each match.

Visual explanation of new circle collapse system in three phases

New looting system with Backpacks

A new Backpack system has changed the way looting works in Warzone 2.0. Every player carries a Backpack that contains all their loot, with the exception of their Primary weapon. When a player is eliminated, they will drop their Primary weapon as well as their Backpack, which contains all their loot and can be accessed through a new loot menu. This loot menu is also used when interacting with other loot containers such as duffle bags and medical cases. Interacting with Supply Boxes (boxes around the map that are filled with loot) still causes them to throw out items to pick up, similar to how this worked in the original Warzone.

New vehicles and vehicle combat

Two ground vehicles and a helicopter in action on Al Mazrah

Warzone 2.0 introduces several new vehicles that can help you across the land, sea and air of Al Mazrah. These are the new Warzone 2.0 vehicles:

  • ATV: small and nimble ground vehicle, can hold one driver and two passengers
  • UTV: all-terrain lightweight vehicle, can hold one driver and three passengers
  • Hatchback: standard sedan, can hold one driver and three passengers 
  • SUV: all-terrain civilian 4x4, can hold one driver and four passengers
  • GMC Hummer EV: fully electric supertruck engineered for off-road use
  • Cargo Truck: large truck with a flatbed, can hold one driver, one passenger, and as many as can fit on the flatbed  
  • Light Helo: light helicopter used for transportation, can hold 5 Operators
  • Heavy Chopper: heavily armored helicopter that can deploy flares when targeted by anti-aircraft ordinance, can hold one pilot and as many passengers as can fit in its cargo bay
  • RHIB: maneuverable tactical boat, can hold 4 Operators and as many as can fit on its flat body
  • Armored Patrol Boat: armored boat with a mounted .50 Cal machine guns, can hold 3 Operators and as many passengers as can fit on its flat body

Vehicle combat has also been expanded, as you can now climb and drop onto vehicles, damage tires and doors, and even shoot out windows. On top of that, vehicles now gradually run out of fuel, which means you’ll have to visit gas stations to prevent your vehicle from becoming unusable. You can also repair body damage and tires at gas stations. Flat tires can be repaired anywhere on the map by interacting with individual tires.

AI combatants, Strongholds, and Black Sites

For the first time in Warzone, parts of the map will be occupied by AI combatants. These so-called “Strongholds” are marked on the map, filled with loot, and heavily guarded. Each match, several Strongholds are active around the map. The first team to complete a Stronghold must disarm a bomb and earns a key to a “Black Site” and a custom Loadout. 

Black Sites are more dangerous Strongholds that are only available via a key and offer permanent Weapon Blueprints and even more valuable loot. Once the first Stronghold in the match has been completed, successive teams have to eliminate a specific number of defenders (either AI combatants or players) to earn their custom loadout. Successive teams will not receive a Black Site key. 

If you prefer player versus player action, you can choose to ignore the AI combatants at Stronghold and Black Sites, as the AI are restricted to guard specific locations and will never actively seek out combat.

New proximity chat feature

Warzone 2.0 has implemented a new proximity chat feature that allows players in your proximity to hear your voice comms. This means you’ll have to be careful when you use the in-game voice chat to communicate with teammates but you can also use the proximity chat to your advantage to engage with nearby enemies in new ways.

Assimilation and interrogation in squad-based modes

Assimilation and interrogation are two new features that are exclusively available in squad-based modes. Assimilation refers to the ability to join up with enemy Operators to form a larger squad. Interrogation is a new feature that allows you to shake down player-controlled enemies while they’re down in order to reveal the locations of their teammates.

New DMZ mode

Warzone 2.0 launches with a new “extraction mode” named “DMZ”. DMZ is an open-world game mode in which squads complete faction-based missions, search for valuable items and engage with enemies, all while trying to survive for exfil. In DMZ, you can collect gear for your inventory, utilizing it from match to match. The focus of this new game mode is to allow players to choose their own Warzone experience.

New core features shared with Modern Warfare II

Warzone 2.0 is a true extension of Modern Warfare II, sharing several core features with the latest Call of Duty game.

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Player movement, weapon handling, and aquatic combat
First off, player movement in Warzone 2.0 is identical to Modern Warfare II. This means you can take advantage of new ways to move around the map with mantling, ledge hanging and diving to prone. Similarly, the aquatic combat found in MW II also applies to Warzone 2.0, which means you’ll be able to use sidearms, melee weapons and tactical/lethals while under water. Lastly, MW II gun handling transfers completely to Warzone 2.0, meaning guns will feel the same in both games.

Modern Warfare II introduced several new maps and locations found within the United Republic of Adal. Warzone 2.0 takes place within the same region and its new map “Al Mazrah” features the following Modern Warfare II multiplayer maps as subsections:

  • Al Bagra Fortress (Core Map)
  • Embassy (Core Map)
  • Zarqwa Hydroelectric (Core Map)
  • Taraq (both Core and Battle Map)
  • Sariff Bay (Battle Map)
  • Sa’id (Battle Map)

Third-Person Playlists
MW II’s multiplayer already featured a brand new Third-Person Playlist that allowed players to experience traditional Call of Duty gameplay from a Third-Person perspective. Warzone 2.0 will implement a similar Playlist in Season 1, which means you’ll be able to play the brand new Battle Royale in both First-Person and Third-Person.

Warzone 2.0 uses the revamped Gunsmith system from Modern Warfare II.

The biggest change in the new Gunsmith is how attachments are unlocked. Attachments are no longer tied to one weapon but to a “Weapon Platform”. Weapon Platforms are collections of weapons that share the same manufacturer and attachment availability.

The starting weapons of each Weapon Platform become available at different player levels. You can unlock other weapons within each Platform by leveling other weapons within the same Weapon Platform. These other weapons are referred to as Receivers. Once you unlock an attachment on a Receiver, you can use that attachment on all other Receivers within the same Weapon Platform.

You’ll use this new Gunsmith system when creating your custom weapon that can be bought from The Shop in Warzone 2.0.

Other Warzone 1 features that are or aren't returning in Warzone 2.0

Although many fan favorite features are returning in Warzone 2.0, some aspects from the original Warzone didn’t make the cut.

Are Loadouts in Warzone 2.0?

Yes, Loadouts have been slightly altered but will be making a return in Warzone 2.0. One of the most prominent features in the original Warzone was the Loadout Drop, which could be obtained from a Buy Station and netted you a full Loadout (your Primary, Secondary, Tactical, and Lethal as well as Perks). In Warzone 2.0, Loadouts can no longer be bought at Buy Stations. Instead, you'll have to earn a Loadout by:

  • Access a Loadout Drop Public Event - Loadout Drop Public Events are Loadout Drops that will occasionally drop into Al Mazrah in the middle of a match and can be accessed by any player
  • Clear a Stronghold or Black Site - You earn a Loadout as a reward for clearing a Stronghold or a Black Site

You can still buy your Primary weapon from The Shop, but all other parts of your Loadout (your Secondary, Tactical, Lethal and Perks) have to be earned in-game.

Are Perks in Warzone 2.0?

Yes, Perks are returning in Warzone 2.0 as "Perk Packages" in your Loadout. Perk Packages are premade sets of four Perks containing MW II Base, Bonus, and Ultimate Perks. However, you'll only receive your Perk Package with Loadouts that are earned either by accessing a Loadout Drop Public Event or by clearing a Stronghold or Black Site. You can no longer buy a Loadout Drop that contains Perks at a Buy Station.

Is Rebirth Island or Fortune’s Keep in Warzone 2.0?

No, the smaller Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep maps will not be available in Warzone 2.0 at launch. However, Activision has already stated that fans of small Battle Royale maps can “expect exciting developments in Warzone 2.0 during future seasons”, implying that we may see the return of smaller maps such as Rebirth Island or Fortune’s keep in future updates.

Is slide canceling in Warzone 2.0?

No, you can’t slide cancel in Warzone 2.0. Slide canceling was a popular movement technique that allowed players to cancel the animation of their slide to reset their tactical sprint, thereby increasing their mobility. This technique no longer works in Modern Warfare II, and is therefore also absent in Warzone 2.0, as the new Warzone uses the same engine and player movement.

What will happen to Warzone 1 after the Warzone 2.0 release?

After the release of Warzone 2.0, the original Warzone will be relaunched as “Call of Duty: Warzone Caldera”: a separate Warzone experience with a standard BR playlist (no Rebirth Island/Fortune’s keep) and continued progression and inventories. This means you’ll still be able to use all your old Operators, Weapon Blueprints and other cosmetics in this version of Warzone. The transition from the original Warzone to Warzone Caldera will occur on November 28, after Warzone 2.0 is stable.

Will Warzone 1 skins and operators transfer to Warzone 2.0?

No, you can’t transfer any items from your original Warzone inventory to Warzone 2.0. Activision has stated that Warzone 2.0 will feature brand new progression and inventories, which means you can’t take any cosmetics from the previous games into Warzone 2.0. However, COD Points are fully transferable between all games, which means you can take any COD Points you own into Warzone 2.0. 

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Now that you’re updated on all the new changes in Warzone 2.0, it’s time to secure your first victory in this brand new battle royale experience. Squad up with your favorite team and explore everything that Al Mazrah has to offer. Good luck and stay frosty!

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