Privacy Statement of Startselect

This privacy and cookie statement was last modified in August 2023.

When you use our services and visit the website (‘Website’), it is possible that your personal data will be processed.

The Website and services offered are managed by us, Startselect B.V. (referred to as ‘we’ or ‘us’ in this statement). We are responsible for the careful handling of all personal data. In this regard we adhere to all requirements imposed by privacy legislation, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’). This means that we only process your personal data when it is necessary and lawful. It is not compulsory to share personal information, but without providing us the data as stated in this privacy statement it is possible that you cannot use our services and/or Website anymore, or the services and/or Website do not function as they were intended. One of the other requirements is that we inform you properly about how we handle your personal data. We do this by means of this privacy and cookie statement.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us. The contact details are included at the end of this statement.

Over time this statement may be subject to change. We will inform you about any substantial changes, but we advise you to check on a regular basis whether this statement has been changed.

In this statement we explain:
what personal data we collect from you and why we need this data;
on what grounds we collect this data;
how long we retain the data for;
whether your data will be transferred to other parties;
what your rights are with regard to your data.

On what grounds do we process your data?
The personal data you provide to us is only processed on one (or a combination) of the following legal grounds, namely:
it is necessary for the performance of a contract with you, or to deal with your request to enter into a contract;
you have given us prior consent to do so;
we have a legitimate interest;
we have to comply with a legal obligation.

When and why do we process your data?
Registration for an account
We give you the option of creating an account. You can create this account by providing us the data via the Website or by registering yourself through your social media account. In the latter case, you give us your consent to obtain the necessary data from your social media account. You can always withdraw your consent via the relevant social media platform. If you do this, your account might not function anymore.

The data we obtain during registration is used solely to create and make your account available.. In the first instance, this involves only your email address and a self-selected password. Your account can then be supplemented by your name (first and last name) and the country you live in. The IP address from the device you visit the Website with is also processed automatically for security purposes. All orders which you place from your account are recorded in your account under order history.

We process and retain your account and the personal data linked to it as long as your account is not removed. Or after two years of inactivity. Should you wish to remove your account, you can do this by sending us a request via the contact details below.

Your account details and IP address are being processed on the grounds of the performance of a contract.

The placement and handling of an order
When you place an order with us, we use your personal data so that we are able to handle your order properly. Your email address is used to supply your order (the code) and/or send an order confirmation.

For this purpose, we process your name and email address for the performance of the contract. In addition, we process to retain fiscal administration. We retain the order data for up to seven years after the order was completed. If you do not provide us with this information, we cannot process your order.

The grounds for the above data processing are the performance of a contract and compliance with a legal obligation.

Giving a gift to a third party
When you place an order with us you have the option within the ordering process to indicate that you want to give the code or voucher to a third party as a gift. The name and email address of this third party are used for the purposes of sending the gift digitally.

We use the name and e-mail address of the third party to perform the contract we have with you. We also process your name and e-mail address for this purpose. We retain the data of the third party.

We inform the third party to whom the gift was sent about what we do with personal data. The third party is entitled to object to the processing of their personal data after they have received the gift. The data will be stored for two years.

The ground for the above data processing is the performance of a contract and the given consent of the purchaser. .

Location data
In all cases, it is necessary for us to determine the country from which you are visiting our Website. We do this in order to show you the localized version of our website.. We use only your IP address for this purpose.

The ground for the above data processing is our legitimate interest.

You can subscribe to our newsletter on the Website. Your e-mail address will be added to the list of addressees of the Newsletter. You can withdraw your name from this list   at any time. Each newsletter has a link to unsubscribe from the newsletter service simply by clicking on the button. You can also withdraw your consent by modifying your preferences in your account. When you unsubscribe from the newsletter, your email address is immediately removed from our mailing list. The cancellation is saved for a month after you have unsubscribed.

The grounds for the above data processing are our legitimate interest in case you have placed an order on our Website or your consent in case you have subscribed to the Newsletter yourself.

Customer service and feedback
If you have any questions, you can contact our customer service via email or through the contact  options on our Website. If you have questions about a specific order, please provide us with your e-mail address and order number so we can help you more quickly. You can also give us suggestions as to how our services and Website could be improved. To assist you in the best way possible, we could ask you for additional data such as your name, address and contact details if we need this data to process your question or feedback.

We keep this data for six months after closing the customer service ticket. This way we can easily access the information in case of any follow-up questions.

The grounds for the above data processing are the performance of the contract and/or our legitimate interest.

Statistics and improvement of our service
We process visitor and usage statistics of our Website, whereby we can also view data on the level of individual users. With these statistics, we improve our Website and services.. The data we process for this purpose is your IP address and click behaviour on the Website.

We can combine your personal data to learn more about you. If you do not want this to happen, you can always object to this specific use of your data. You find the contact details at the end of this statement.

Your data will not be stored any longer than is necessary for the above-mentioned
purposes. When the retention period has expired, we anonymize and archive this data or delete it completely. The data will be stored for two years.

The grounds for the above data processing are our legitimate interest or the consent you have given us.

Use of cookies on our Website
We use cookies and similar techniques on our Website. Cookies are small information files which can be stored automatically on, or read from, the visitor’s device (e.g. PC, tablet or smartphone) when a website is visited. This takes place via the web browser on the device.

On our Website we use cookies:
that are necessary for the Website to function, or to be able to offer you the functionalities you request (essential cookies);
to analyse usage of the Website and thereby improve the Website (analytical cookies);
to improve your online advertisement provision outside of our website and to give us insight into our campaign performance (advertising cookies).

Essential cookies. For strictly necessary cookies (technical and functional cookies) we
do not have to request your consent - these include cookies that are necessary to provide requested functionalities and services, for example saving the content of your shopping basket or choice of language. These cookies have no impact on your privacy.

Analytical cookies. We do not ask your consent for analytical cookies if the analytical cookies have no impact on your privacy. If the analytical cookies do have an impact on your privacy, we ask your consent for the use of them. You can read more about these cookies in the cookie banner.

Other cookies. We ask your prior consent for all other cookies, for example marketing or retargeting cookies. We do this via the cookie banner on the Website. These types of cookies enable the advertisement provision on other websites (including social media platforms) which you visit or use to be adapted based on your browsing behaviour on our website. For this purpose, we use the services of third parties. These parties are listed in the cookie table included at the end of this statement.

Automated decision-making
We might make decisions based on automated processing (algorithms) that can have adverse consequences for you.

How is your data protected?
We take security measures to protect your personal data as well as possible. The measures we have taken include, but are not limited to:
access to personal data is protected with a username and password or login token;
the data is stored in a separate, protected system;
we employ physical measures such as locks and safes to protect access to the systems in which personal data is stored;
we use secure connections (TLS) that protect all information between you and our Website when you enter personal data;
we maintain logs of all retrievals of personal data.

Which third parties process your data?
We use the services of various suppliers. In the case where these parties process your personal data, this might take place outside the EEA, they do so under our instructions and under our responsibility. They are not allowed to process or use your personal data for their own purposes. We have concluded processing agreements with these parties. Our suppliers fall into the following categories:
IT service providers;
Marketing parties;
Email service providers;
Analytics providers;
Anti-fraud parties.

What rights do you have in relation to your data?
For questions about our privacy statement or questions regarding inspection of or changes to (or deletion of) your personal data, you can always get in touch with us. In addition, unless restricted by law you have the right to:

inspect what data we process and why;
have your data rectified when it is not, or no longer, correct; have (outdated) data removed;
object to a particular use of your data;
withdraw previously given consent;
retrieve your data and get it transferred.

You can send your request for access, correction, data transfer or deletion of your personal data, or the request for withdrawal of your consent or objection to the processing of your personal data to To ensure that the request is made by you, we ask you to include a copy of your ID with the request. Please make your passport photo and number, MRZ (machine readable zone, the numbers at the bottom of your passport) and Citizen Service Number black in this copy. We will respond as soon as possible, but no later than four weeks after we have received your request.

If you believe that we are not handling your data properly or not assisting you properly, you can submit a complaint to the national regulator. In the Netherlands, this is the Dutch Data Protection Authority. You can find a list of all regulators here.

Contact details
If you have any questions about this privacy and cookie statement or if you want to submit a request regarding (one of) your rights as specified above, please contact us:

Startselect B.V.
Hoevenweg 19
5652 AW Eindhoven
The Netherlands
E-mail address:

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