The Top 10 Easter Eggs in Games!

Easter Eggs in games, you have probably noticed them while playing. Pretty much every form of digital entertainment has some sort of Easter Egg hidden. Exactly that hiding is how this seemingly random phenomenon got its name! Often, it is a small wink or a reference, but it can also be a completely hidden level or a special quest.

Published on: 14-04-2021

What is an Easter Egg in a game?

But what exactly is an Easter Egg? These so-called eggs are not of the chicken, chocolate or caramel-sea-salt variation. They’re usually not even remotely egg-shaped! It could be anything really, but is most likely a hidden message in a video game, movie or on a web page. You discover this "by accident" as a user. However, the one who placed the Easter Egg meant for it to be found. The fact that these little things are well hidden - and you often have to consciously look for them - is what makes them Easter Eggs. We can’t really say for certain, exactly how this became a thing though...


It has been speculated that the 1979 Atari game Adventure was the first video game to feature an Easter Egg. It was hidden in an obscure corner of the code by Warren Robinett, Adventure's programmer. He placed the words “Created by Warren Robinett” in a secret room of the game. This is how he made it known that he did not agree with Atari's choice not to include him and his colleagues in the game's credits.

Since then, "hidden content" has been placed in games by its creators for about 30 years. In some cases this has even grown into full-blown competitions, challenging dedicated fans to start a search for all Easter Eggs, each of which will then either be confirmed or denied by the makers in some way. There are many gaming titles where you can assume that there are the necessary inside jokes and extras hidden.

So, to stay in the Easter theme, we also started a search for some of the coolest, craziest or weirdest Easter Eggs in games we could find. And (almost) no bunny's are involved!

#1 - Call of Duty

The Atari Activision in the Nuketown map in Black Ops 2

Call of Duty is not averse to an Easter egg or two, they hide them to their heart's content, over and over again. One of our favorites is the ability to play an old-school Atari Activision Arcade. It’s hidden in the Black Ops 2 Nuketown 2025 map, and you also become invincible when you play it!

To unlock this Easter Egg you have to decapitate all mannequins in this level, with a headshot, within 2 minutes. You may, however, enlist the help of a friend if this proves too difficult.


The Coffin Dance in Black Ops Cold War

Memes are also a popular factor in Call of Duty. In Black Ops: Cold War Zombies, for example, they placed the popular Coffin Dance in a hidden Disco Dimension. You’ll stumble upon a zombie squad, dancing with a coffin on their shoulders. The whole tutorial to get there can be found in the video below. We skipped to the actual Coffin Dance disco moment for convenience. Let's boogie!


#2 - Halo 4

Double Rainbows reference

The Halo series is also full of hidden content, winks and nods to memes and contemporary (pop)culture. Who doesn’t remember the wholesome, viral video of a man who spots a Double Rainbow and reacts rather… well, let’s say he’s pretty impressed. Many other games had already referenced this video, so Halo couldn’t stay behind. At a ravine halfway through the Reclaimer campaign, you'll spot a waterfall with, if you look closely, a "Double Rainbow". 

Admittedly, this sighting is somewhat less existential than the original Double Rainbow video, but still: Wooaaah yeah!


#3 - Borderlands 2

Visit the Cavern of the Creepers

Somewhere in the deepest depths of the unknown is an underground level dedicated to Minecraft. And this time, you can put a bullet through those damned Creepers! If you know where to find this hidden gem, you can also get some good loot there. Definitely worth looking for! Find out how to get there in the video below:


#4 - Grand Theft Auto


Rockstar Games isn’t very particular when it comes to an Easter Egg here or there. Actually, their games are packed with them! You often don't even really have to look for them at all as they are ‘hidden’ in plain sight and even have their own lore by this point. There are almost too many to list, so we have chosen a couple. First, the running joke that spans multiple games, such as GTA: San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption 2, regularly hints at the Bigfoot phenomenon and spotting this ‘mythical creature’.


In San Andreas, rumors of this myth peaked until Rockstar finally confirmed that Bigfoot cannot be found in San Andreas. However, Bigfoot is eventually introduced in GTA V. Proof of this can be found in the game in various ways, one more subtle than the other. For example, the logo of the Los Santos Police Department clearly has a bigfoot on it:

City of Los Santos Bigfoot in GTA V

Source: GTA Fandom

In a number of GTA V missions, all these hints finally reach their climax. In the Predator mission when playing as Michael, you can spot a Bigfoot with your thermal scope rifle. As soon as he’s spotted, the Bigfoot will run. In mission The Last One, Franklin meets a hunter who has been looking for the Sasquatch for 8 years (fun fact: San Andreas was released 8 years before GTA V) and you can join the search. However, after a wild chase it turns out you were unfortunately tricked by a man in a Bigfoot costume and not "the real deal". Bummer!

But then, after the stars and planets align (or when you have the game 100% complete - including the side missions - and have found all 27 Peyote Plants) a golden Peyote Plant will appear. Every day of the week at a different location, only between 5:30 and 8:00 in the morning and it must be snowing or foggy. That’s when you will live to see Bigfoot, better yet, become the myth itself. 

In short, you will not find this Easter Egg just like that. It even takes quite some effort, but it is well worth it. Fortunately, others have already preceded you. So you could also just watch it in this video and call it a day:

#5 - Saints Row

The Purple Rabbit Cabbit

In Saints Row you’ll find an Easter Egg in the form of a large purple rabbit named Cabbit. This Easter Bunny appears in Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV. In Saints Row 2, Cabbit appears after you follow a series of arrows in the Secret Areas of an island on the west side of the map. If you do it right, a giant Cabbit will emerge from the sea.

In Saints Row: The Third, you’ll find the rabbit entangled in a fishing net on a fishing boat in Port Pryor. There are also several small Cabbits spread throughout the rest of the game.

Finally, Saints Row IV has gone completely overboard with Easter Eggs and Bunnies: there are 60 hidden Cabbit rabbits to discover. Happy hunting!


#6 - Red Dead Redemption 2

Manbearpig and (again) Bigfoot

As we’ve already mentioned, Rockstar's other flagship Red Dead Redemption 2 also participates in the Bigfoot hints that were dropped in various GTA titles. To promote this myth some more, you can let Arthur explore a cave to discover a skeleton of, yes, Bigfoot. This cave is located in the northern mountain range of the Grizzlies East in Ambarino.

Of course, besides Bigfoot, there are countless other Easter Eggs to be found in the humongous world of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Skeleton of Big Foot
Source: IGN

And if Bigfoot is not your favorite mythical animal, perhaps you prefer Man-Bear-Pig. Yes, the one from South Park. This rather creepy Human / Bear / Pig hybrid can be discovered in Red Dead 2, somewhere in a remote cabin in a weird, old-timey improvised laboratory. This is also another example of an Easter Egg that hints at a completely different genre within popular culture in a playful and creative way.

Here’s how to find this super creepy 'Manmade Mutant' inspired by a South Park episode:


#7 - Luigi’s Mansion

Hanged Luigi

To continue the creepiness, in Luigi’s Mansion you’ll get a phone call in what’s appropriately called "the Telephone Room." This is located in the fourth area of ​​the game. If you stay on the line for a while, the room will be lit by lightning. From a certain perspective it will look like a shadow of a "hanging Luigi". Macabre, yes.

Not quite what we are used to from the usually cheerful Nintendo, hence this striking and rather ominous Easter Egg (or is it a Glitch?) is even called an "Urban Legend" in some corners of the internet. In the Nintendo 3DS remake of Luigi’s Mansion, this (perhaps unintentional) Easter Egg has been removed, so perhaps it was not entirely intended?

Luigi's Mansion Easter Egg

#8 - Animal Crossing

Aliens make contact in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Why Easter Eggs often have a scary vibe is unclear. Perhaps it has to do with the thrill of hiding, seeking and discovering? Whatever the reason, Animal Crossing has a special one too! You can only discover this recurring Easter Egg if you have a TV in your house and if you have nothing else to do on the weekend...

Because only on every Saturday night at 3:33 AM you’ll need to be online in the game and turn on your TV at exactly that time. Then, you’ll witness an Alien Broadcast wanting to contact you through the TV in an unintelligible language. Consider this your to-do tip for this Easter weekend!


#9 - Valorant

A Team Fortress 2 reference

Art director Moby Francke, who worked on Valorant and Team Fortress 2, sometimes likes to look back to the past. For example, you will find a funny Team Fortress 2 reference in a Valorant cabin. There you will discover in the Haven map a Rifle case including the "Jarate" potty of the Sniper character.

Valorant - Team Fortress Easter Egg Rifle Case
Source: Reddit

#10 - Aladdin

Make Aladdin wear Mickey Mouse ears

Finally, we have a very old and dusty Easter egg from waaaay back when. Remember that old-fashioned Aladdin game on the PC? Quite early in the game you walk barefoot through the desert because you’re Aladdin (ouch!) when you come across a laundry-line with the ears of Mickey Mouse hanging on it.

Nice, but not surprising in a Disney game, you might think. But did you know that you can position Aladdin exactly so that it looks like he is wearing the Mickey Mouse ears? Not only is that a great screenshot moment, it also gives you an extra life! This Easter Egg is a great reason to play that good old game again, right? Or just get your ultimate nostalgia injection of the day with the video below and save yourself the dust bunnies:

Of course, there are many more Easter Eggs to be found in just about every game. Such an Easter Egg often adds an extra dimension - and a smile - to your gaming experience.

With a long Easter weekend ahead, this is the perfect time to go on an Easter Egg Hunt yourself, in your garden and in your favorite games. And of course also on our website!

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