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In Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, you can of course earn new weapons and gadgets by playing and levelling up. But there’s also Supply Drops, which can contain some pretty powerful upgrades, including rare guns.

These Supply Drops cost Crypto Keys to open, which you can earn by participating in matches. But truth be told, that will take a long time. That’s why you can also buy Call of Duty Points. With 200 Points, you can open up a Rare Supply Drop, which can contain some of the most powerful guns in the game, or Salvage that you can use to buy upgrades.

Buying Call of Duty Points at Startselect is really easy. All you have to do is select the preferred amount of Points in the tool above and we’ll tell you the amount of PlayStation or Xbox credit you’ll need. If you purchase that product you’ll have a redeemable key in your inbox in minutes, so you can start opening those Supply Drops as fast as possible!

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Call of Duty Points are used to buy Rare Supply Drops, which contain camouflages, calling cards, weapons and Salvage. You can also buy Zombie Crates. These contain items that you can use in the Zombie game mode.
Start Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and select Multiplayer in the main menu. Next, click on Store and select ‘Buy CoD Points’. You will see the available CoD Points packages.
Crypto Keys are used to open Normal or Rare Supply Drops. You can earn these by playing the game.
Salvage is used to upgrade your existing weapons. With Salvage you don’t have to wait for an upgrade to your favourite weapon to drop from a Supply Drop. Instead, you can use the Salvage to upgrade a weapon of your choice, to increase damage, control and accuracy or reduce the recoil. You can upgrade a weapon from its base model to Common, Rare, Legendary and Epic. Each new tier unlocks more powerful perks.