Jeux Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Games

The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s way to break the barriers between handheld and console gaming. At home in its dock, the Switch is a regular console that you can play on your television, but click the Joy-Con controllers to its sides and you can take it on the road as a portable handheld. Of course the Switch has plenty to offer to both hardcore and casual gamers. It launches with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is an absolute must-have for fans of Nintendo’s good old franchise. But with titles like 1-2-Switch and Snipperclips, the Switch is also the ultimate party console. Looking for more games? The Nintendo eShop is filled with indies and other downloadable titles. Found a game that you like? After your digital payment, you will receive a code in your e-mail that you can redeem on the Nintendo eShop. You can then download the game on your Nintendo Switch right away.