Music makes the world go around, and never was music more easily accessible than with Spotify. This hugely popular music-streaming service makes listening to music easy, offering access to a database of millions of songs for you to listen to. It’s also an excellent way to get to know new music, offering a mix of songs to discover based on your current playlists. Spotify can be downloaded for free, but our favorite way to use Spotify is with Spotify Premium.

Spotify Premium removes the small annoyances that the free version of Spotify brings. It removes all ads, allowing you to truly focus on the music you’re listening to. Additionally, you can listen to any song you like on-demand with Spotify Premium, instead of being restricted to a shuffle with limited skips like in the free version. A commuter’s favorite feature is offline listening, allowing a user to download over 3000 songs and listen to them offline. Finally, Spotify Premium enables listening to music in ‘extreme’ quality.

At Startselect we love Spotify, so we’re happy to help you get the most out of your account. Our Spotify Gift Cards give you enough credit for one, three or twelve months of Spotify Premium. Simply log into your account and enter the code you received on and you’re ready to go.