FIFA 17 Points Converter

Ultimate Team is back in FIFA 17 and you’ll need those FIFA Points to create your own dream team. Select the amount of FIFA Points you’re looking for below and we’ll tell you how much Playstation or PlayStation credit you’ll need!

FIFA Points

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is probably the most popular feature of the FIFA games. And with FIFA 17, Electronic Arts once again plays to the desires and dreams of wannabe-football managers everywhere. Who doesn’t dream about creating a football team with Messi, Ibrahimovic and Ronaldo? But FUT is more than just picking the most powerful players. It’s all about team synergy and finding the best combination of strengths and weaknesses. And gathering players is an exciting process as well. There’s just something about opening those packs and praying to the gods of football that they give you some decent players. Check out some of our pack openings in the video below!

Order your credit to purchase FIFA Points


FIFA Points are the currency used in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team to purchase player packs and draft tokens. You can buy FIFA Points through our PlayStation Store credit.

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is an on- and offline game mode where you select players from different teams and competitions to create your ultimate dream team. You can participate in weekly tournaments and games with this team.

Draft is a new way to play FIFA Ultimate Team. In this mode you will have to pick a team composition first, before filling in the gaps with random draws of players. You will use this team in four matches in a row, with increased rewards the more matches you win.

First, make sure you have enough credit on your PlayStation Network account.
Next, go to FIFA 17’s Ultimate Team menu, browse to Store and then select FIFA Points.
The game will open up the PlayStation Store, where you can buy FIFA Points in several different packages. Buying more FIFA Points at the same time will give you more bonus points.