Pokémon GO News Overview

Pokémon GO News Overview

Pokémon GO is such a ridiculous success, that you can't even wander around the internet without encountering Bulbasaurs, Pikachu's and Caterpie's all over the place. That's why for one time only, this game gets its own News Overview.

Updated daily  -  by Ferry Rovers & Thijs Kaagman

For all tutorials, tips and tricks, check out our Pokémon GO guide.
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Pokémon GO gets half of all money spent on mobile - Gamespot
This app can help you find that Squirtle you've been looking for - Lifehacker
Everything about the three-step glitch - Kotaku
Item breakdown - Polygon
The rarest Pokémon - Polygon


Catching Pidgey's like

Every marketing team right now

Ninetails Trump

This local zoo keeps things fresh

Niantic job opening points to better server infastructure

Morrowind GO

Zelda GO



Eeveelutions explained - Polygon
How Ingress can help you catch rare Pokémon - Polygon
Pokémon GO meets Hololens - Polygon
Man quits job to play Pokémon - Gamespot
Yelp adds Pokémon filter - Polygon
Mayor of Sokcho (South Korea) dresses up as Oak, hands out Pokéballs - Naver



Edgar Allen Poe catches them all

MMA Fighter catches Pokémon after victory

This is the aftermath of that knee to the face, by the way. Click at your own discretion.

The game could use these loading screen tips - /u/MagdaProski




So is Pokémon GO a Nintendo game or what? - Eurogamer
Pokémon GO legal stuff - Polygon
Pokémon GO data free for US T-Mobile customers - Gamespot
What Pokémon are in Area 51? - Kotaku
How to request new Pokéstops and Gyms - Gamespot
Everything you should know about Stardust - Polygon
Some guy got stabbed, but had to continue playing - Gamespot


'Lure' indeed

This is how we see our Pidgeys (Rattata, Weedle, Zubat...) now

And this is where those candies come from

Where does this guy live?

This Mew has the perfect skills

The animals know

A heartwarming story about a kid with autism



Pokémon GO now available in the UK - Eurogamer
Cheaters are having a hard time - Gamespot
Boston has a Pokémon map - Polygon
Is this the first Pokémon GO death? - CNYCentral
GO's success starts Pokémon movie rumours - Eurogamer


The best way to play?

Who would've thought?

Pokémon GO is more popular than porn

Times are changing. Fast.


Is this how you drive traffic to your store these days? I can't keep up. #someoneteachmetechnology

Een foto die is geplaatst door Ladyfingers Letterpress (@ladyfingersletterpress) op


Others are keeping up just fine

There's a bug in the house




Pokémon GO now available in Germany. Rest of Europe to follow soon? - Eurogamer
Pokémon GO is now the biggest mobile game in US history - SurveyMonkey
Is this how the battery save mode should look? - Kotaku
This guy ranks the Pokémon he'd like to eat - Foodspin
There's an update for iOS - Reddit
Update could cause iOS account issue - Polygon
Twitch Plays Pokémon GO - Gamespot
A parent's guide to Pokémon GO - Lifehacker
Cheating? This is what will happen to you - Polygon
Biggest missing features in the game - Polygon
Niantic interview - GameInformer
A clone is topping the Chinese app charts - TechinAsia


Hatching an egg

Remember Oak's words, people



Hold on, what now? 

When a Wartortle shows up...




Players in rural area's upset over lack of Gyms and Stops - Gamespot
Trolling Westboro Baptist Church - Gamespot
Pokémon music streaming tripled on Spotify - Polygon
New features incoming - Gamespot
Warning for iOS players: Pokémon GO asks for full access to your Google account - Cnet
Pokemon GO is bigger than Tinder, about to overtake Twitter - BusinessInsider


CBS, what are you doing?


They have been planning this for years...

When you see a rare Pokémon on your radar

Yo, I herd u like Pokéstops, so we put a Pokéstop on your Pokéstop!

Business 101

Instinct and Mystic are uniting

Explosm's take on Pokémon GO




Everything you should know about Pokémon GO - Startselect Blog
Six more tips for beginners - Polygon
Over 2000 people show up to play - Kotaku
Armed robbers use Pokémon GO to lure victims - Gizmodo
There will eventually be a trade function - TheVerge
Nintendo stocks rose 22% over the weekend - Reddit
Curious what's in those eggs? - Serebii


Gym in the ocean gets captured - Imgur

Before there was Pokémon GO...

Michigan university has a few players

Dallas Botanical Garden does some excellent advertising

Other local businesses jump on the Pokéhype as well

Pentagon is guarded by a Snorlax

Pokémon GO really brings people together

Uuhm, what?

People are Googling how long they have to walk to hatch their eggs

Meeting other players in the street

Our legs aren't used to the excercise though...

Putting up a Lure Module

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